Congratulations to Me!

So I’ve officially been offered the position of a financial advisor with Edward Jones. My excitement is palpable. My first day on the books won’t be until October 24th and I won’t be selling until February so I’ve still got a little time to work as hard as I can at Comcast and build up some of my own funds. The rate of pay until I can actually start getting some accounts will be just the base pay and that’s going to be a pretty tight strain on my own finances until I can start building my practice.

I considered driving for UBER on the weekends during that time to earn some extra money. I’ve never done it before but at this point I still consider myself well informed on how it works. If you want to be successful with UBER you need to be in the city on Friday and Saturday night from about 8pm to 3pm. That sounds terrible. A woman I used to work with at Starbucks is close friends with a manager of Round Table Pizza so I expect I can get a job delivering pizzas a few times a week and be almost as successful earning tips doing that. Not only that, I don’t have to get a new car to pull it off.

The other exciting twist in this story is the 180 degree turn in my Comcast experience overall. If I had been given the training in the first four weeks that I got in week twelve I may have never applied with Edward Jones. When I met a current financial advisor with the company and started picking his brain for information about what it’s like to work with EJ I had lost most of my confidence in my current positions ability to produce. I was trained alongside another department with a different role. We got the exact same training and then we were sent out to face different realities with different quotas and I just never felt like I was shown how to succeed in my role. The only other guy in my office in my position didn’t give me any confidence either. Finally my manager arraigned for me to shadow a guy 95 minutes away in the Auburn office who is making as many sales every day as I would make in a week.

This is going to be a great opportunity for me to work hard and succeed so I can pad my wallet for October when my family and I will be on a tight budget, and I’m so thankful! The only thing I don’t like about waiting two months to get started with EJ is that my managers are going to be so disappointed when I go. They’ve put a lot of work into making sure I succeed and I don’t want to let them down. I also know how it feels to be a manager so I know that I would want to know if someone on my team was leaving soon, but I don’t know what the consequences of revealing that to my managers would be and there’s really no incentive to let that cat out of the bag. You can’t put that cat back.


I just got done reading some long article about the evils of Edward Jones, it was a all the most negative and terrible things you could ever come up with to say about working for and doing business with the company. I don’t know why I put myself through it. I realize that there is a dark community of negative people spewing hate for nearly every big company in the country. I worked at Starbucks for 5 years and it was awesome, obviously not everything was perfect, but there are gobs and gobs of people online who just complain about all the work you have to do there.

None the less I’ve got a pit in my stomach and I didn’t sleep well last night and my prayers were totally disturbed by thoughts of going door to door.

The writers of the article and countless other people will share horror story after horror story of the hell which is door to door. Honestly though, I’m going door to door every day for my current job and it’s totally doable. Most people are well mannered enough at the door. Of course there are rude people but who cares? They’re maybe 1 out of 40 people. They really don’t have any ability to stop you from being successful. I’m not looking for rude people to help with finances anyway.

Currently I’m going door to door with Comcast and they’re sending me to apartment complexes full of lower class workers who struggle with money. It seems like fully half of them in some areas owe Comcast $200 to $400 dollars. I knock on the door and they try to tell me how Comcast did this to them and that. In reality though they’re just too broke. It’s always the customers with the tightest wallets who take up all your time talking about nickels and dimes only to get the cheapest service and pay no commission. Furthermore, the LAST THING these people need is to upgrade their BOOB TUBE. Please read a book, get an education, work harder and make a better life for yourself. Why am I selling them a subscription to the number one mind numbing motivation sapping invention of the last 1000 years? Did I mention that I commute for an hour for this?

With Edward Jones I’ll be going door to door in my hometown in the neighborhoods where successful middle class live. Please Please Please let me do that. Let me help them put a spot light on their priorities and help them execute a plan to retire well.

My Vision

Own your money, that’s my motto. Don’t let your money own you. For some people that may mean they need to get out of debt. Other people may need clarity in understanding how much they need to save now in order to retire comfortably. Still others need help to avoid the basic investment traps that our human nature makes it so easy to fall into it. I want to help everyone who’s willing to learn how to own their money.

Hard working young adults who need a plan and men in women in the middle of their careers who need questions answered will all be good customers. However, my best prospects will be retirees and I will be focusing my attention on helping these customers first.

Early on in my career it will be important for me to work the clients who have the assets ready to invest so that I can be positioned in the future as someone that can help anyone grow their wealth. If I focused on a group with more future potential than current assets I would be spinning my wheels without laying a foundation that ensures my future with Edward Jones

The only way I can think of to meet new people and get the word out about my new practice in town is to go door to door. I’ll be going door to door introducing myself and asking if they have heard of Edward Jones. I’ll ask some questions and make an initial suggestion and then take their information so I can keep in touch with them. I’ll send them a thank you card and call a couple days later to see if they got my card. I’m also going to be leveraging social media and my friends and acquaintenses at my church and my former employer, Starbucks.

It’s my job to understand where my customers are at and what their goals are so I can help them achieve those goals. I will establish trust as someone following a proven system of investment, not gambling each day trading their wealth from one stock to another. This will give me a huge advantage because I offer safety and security, not big wins and hot tickets with lots of risk.

I can’t do any of this alone. So many businesses fail because there isn’t a solid team in place. A branch office administrator or BOA is a crucial part of my success. This person allows me to focus on building the business and providing the service so that the actual business side of running the business doesn’t slow me down. Successful teams need respect for each other, and that respect comes from knowing that both roles are crucial to the success of the branch. I look forward to working hard alongside a capable BOA to build a branch that is a great place to work and a joy to do business with.