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Of course I want to say thank you for visiting, but after you see what we’re sharing here you’ll want to be thanking me! So, You’re welcome!!

You can thank me by following this link to Or copy and paste this link into your browser.

As you can see this is a very useful system and it’s free! Dubli is getting paid by the merchants for sending them customers, and Dubli is cutting you a part of that check for using their service! You should upgrade to the VIP cash back amounts which are 6% higher than the free percentages and if you are going to spend more than $1,500 with online purchases over the next 12 months (including air fare and hotels.)

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up and don’t forget to install the toolbar! Follow this link to Or copy and paste this link into your browser.


It’s easy to Sell Free

Hey, you’re still here! You must be curious what the catch is…? I’m telling you there is NO CATCH. If you’re wondering whether I’m getting paid for getting people to sign up for a free service that saves them money, I am. I’ve looked into and signed up for a wide variety of Marketing Opportunities in the past. Lots of them are opportunity focused meaning they want you to get your friends and family on board for selling the opportunity. The Marketing Opportunities with better value are product focused, meaning you sell a product and you don’t have to convince anyone else to become a salesperson, which is nice.

The downside to a product focused Marketing Opportunity is that you still have to convince someone to spend money they weren’t planning on spending. That’s stressful.

What’s so great about Dubli is that it waits patiently until the customer has cash in hand and is prepared to make a purchase and then offers them a discount on the item they already want to buy. If you could give coupons away at the checkout aisle for items already in the customers shopping carts then you can sell Dubli stress free.

It’s not free to play, however. You do not get the opportunity to make a business by signing up for free cash back. You must sign up as a Business Associate. As you watch the video below and learn about the different levels of BA’s you can join at I want you to remember also that if you sign up with me I will help you get a website going just like this one so that you can easily refer customers to Dubli!


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